Pre-Paid  Discounted Fees


Tele-Therapy 30 min(established Clients)

up to 25 minutes at $40


Tele-Therapy 45 min(established Clients)

up to 35 minutes at $55

Tele-Therapy 50 min(established Clients)

up to 45 minutes at $70

Tele-Therapy (adult) $150

up to 70 minutes at $150

*These are specific to Pre-Paid prices. **if you cancel a pre-paid visit more than 24 hours in advance - you will be refunded, the full amount, less the billing transaction fees by Stripe and or Banking. If you cancel in less than 24 hours, the same transaction fees will be applied to refunds in addition to a standard fee of $35 will be applied.

* Standard rates generally range between $90 - $170 per hour - With some specific services having higher rates